Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL Press Photos Leaked, Gets a Notch

The Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL launch is just around the corner and we’re probably seeing the first set of press renders of the device. The phone will directly compete against the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and the new iPhone XS and XS Max from Apple.

Google will be launching its third generation Pixel phone called the Pixel 3 (no surprise there) on 9 October and here’s a look at the rumours about the upcoming phone from Google.

Pixel with the Notch

This is what the Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL could look like. As you can see here, the design isn’t entirely different from what we had with the Pixel 2 series last year. The Pixel 3 comes devoid of the notch, but the Pixel 3 XL gets it.

Then you’ve also got dual front-facing cameras this time. At the back, there’s a single rear camera unit, but one that has been widely appreciated all across.

Could this be the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL?
Could this be the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL?

The renders are identical to what we’ve seen with the leaks till date.

You hated it on the iPhone X (at least those who couldn’t buy it) but it’s quite likely that Google will be the latest brand to adopt the notch. The Pixel 3 series could sport a notch on the front of the screen and we mostly expect the bigger XL version to carry it.

Google Pixel 3 with the notch? It’s happening.
Google Pixel 3 with the notch? It’s happening.

Pretty much everyone has picked up the notch for their phones in 2018, except for Samsung till now. Google’s interest in the notch became apparent when Android P features were detailed earlier this year.

If you’re not a big fan of the notch, then probably your phone buying choices are limited to few right now. Good luck with that.

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Design – Subtle for a Flagship

The Pixel 2 last year was mostly seen a top-quality camera phone, and it barely had takers across the country (numbers speaker for themselves). With Pixel 3, we’re hopeful that Google decides to get adventurous with the design of the phone, add a bit more elegance, and maybe time to switch to glass.

The move to glass could also imply that wireless charging could finally make its way to Pixel series for the first time. 

The chances of Pixel 3 looking better than the previous Pixel phones have become stronger, after a recent leak showed what the phone could look like.

Is that the Pixel 3?
Is that the Pixel 3?

We also expect the Pixel 3 series to slimmer in size but bigger in dimensions, thanks to the use of a 19:9 ratio screen. This has worked to good effect for other phone brands, using screen sizes of 6-inch or more.

Most leaks of the Pixel 3 still reflect its prototype-ish nature, but we’re hopeful that Pixel 3 doesn’t look anything like its predecessors.

Hardware – Nothing That Stands Out

Pixel 3 series is not likely to offer anything we haven’t seen already. It should be powered Snapdragon 845 (unless 850 comes out), with 4 or 6GB RAM, mostly to support mobile AR gaming.

Pixel 2 XL users can try out Android P Developer version at their own risk.
Pixel 2 XL users can try out Android P Developer version at their own risk.

Storage-wise, we expect Pixel 3 to come in 64 and 128GB variants, and chances of a 256GB model are slim. Having said that, it’ll be great if Google can cater to needs of all markets with the Pixel 3 this year by offering dual-SIM support. This point has been stated multiple times for iPhone and same goes for Google as well.

Battery size should vary depending on the screen size and its resolution. Pixel 3 should pack a 3200mAh unit, while the big brother gets a 3800mAh battery packed in.

Camera – Can it Get Any Better?

Pixel 2 has one of the best cameras on a smartphone. Even though Google went for a single camera unit (unlike Samsung and Apple), their use of AI and ML via Google Lens did wonders. So, what happens with Pixel 3 now? Do they join the choir and pick the dual camera sensors? Probably not.

Pixel 2 series gets a single unit 12-megapixel shooter at the back.
Pixel 2 series gets a single unit 12-megapixel shooter at the back.

Pixel 3 is mostly likely to focus on the front snappers, with possibility of carrying dual sensors (Vivo and Oppo-like). This would enhance the portrait mode quality of Pixel 3’s front camera.

We’ll keep updating this story with new updates. Stay tuned for all the coverage of Pixel 3 on The Quint.

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