Google’s next ‘Project Jacquard’ product will release on March 10

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Google's new collaboration with Adidas and Electronic Arts could be interesting on many levels.

Google is teaming up with Adidas Football and Electronic Arts on the next 'Project Jacquard' product. The announcement will be made on March 10. It's being speculated that Google will announce a pair of smart sneakers, though nothing has been confirmed just yet.

Project Jacquard is Google's vision of embedding computing in clothes, bags and accessories. The idea is to bring touch-sensitive fabric to the mainstream. The software giant first showed the Jacquard fabric at Google I/O 2015.

The first product under the 'Project Jacquard' was the smart jacket made by Google and Levi's. It came with Bluetooth and conductive threads to communicate with a smartphone app. The jacket was expensive at $350, and it never made a splash in the market.

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Last year, Google launched the $1000 smart backpack in collaboration with luxury fashion house Yves Saint Laurent. Dubbed Cite-E, the smart backpack comes with smart touch sensors in the trap to allow the wearer to access a smartphone. The luxury smart backpack can be paired with any Android or iOS device via the official Jacquard app.

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In 2019, Google and Levi's once again launched the smart Trucker jacket. This time, however, the smart jacket was priced at $198. Like the original smart jacket, you will be able to answer calls, control your music or get directions by using hand gestures.

Google's new collaboration with Adidas and Electronic Arts could be interesting on many levels. While Adidas is known for making sneakers and sports clothing, Electronic Arts is best known for its FIFA games. Whether we see a pair of smart sneakers or smart shorts, it's likely that the product will have some kind of capability to interact with a video game. The scope is definitely there to experiment and reach out to new demographics.