Google Maps latest update: Three new features you didn’t know about

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Google Maps has, without a doubt, changed the way we traveled. If one has a working internet connection, there is no need to ask for directions along the way, no need to carry a map or bother anyone for quick brief on how to get anywhere before starting the journey. Google Maps has become an indispensable part of our daily lives and can now be used on desktops as well as Android and iOS smartphones.

To keep up with the times, Google has continuously improved upon its Maps and keeps updating the application with the latest features. And now there are three new features which have recently been made available for some of the tech enthusiasts to use.

Google Maps AR
Google Maps AR, which was rolled out in beta for Google Pixel phones earlier in 2019, employs augmented reality to layer directions on a phone's camera feed in the app.

This mode allows you to see the directions on the way in real time while on a journey and reduces the chances of heading in the wrong direction.

It must be noted that Google Maps AR can only be used while walking or when one is in motion. In order to do so, Google has provided a button within the app which can be found next to the traditional navigation button.

The search engine giant recently announced that the company will introducing Google Maps’ AR functionality to both Android and iOS which support ARKit and ARCore. Google is calling the feature Live View which throws in graphic arrows to guide users in real time.

Discovering great food is easier than ever before
The above-mentioned feature brings us to yet another recent improvement made by Google. The latest feature launched in the Google Maps on Android lets users see a restaurant's favourite dishes backed by relevant photos and their reviews.

The feature is yet to arrive on Apple devices. However, reports have said that it will be made available soon and will make selecting good restaurants, cafes and bars easier.

Google has highlighted that the function has been supported by contributions from users and the machine learning algorithms.

In another terms, Google Maps focuses on highlighting a restaurant's most popular dishes on the menu and gives a user an idea on what to order, thereby building a handy list of a restaurant's most popular items in Google Maps.

Improved transit features
In June 2019, the search engine giant said that it was launching a new transit features for Google Maps to show live traffic delays for busses and predictions on crowdedness.

This would allow Google Maps to predict travel times in real time and thereby improving its overall accuracy.

Additionally, the popular navigation app would be able to give the user an idea if they will get a seat on public transport. Combined together, these features make its easier for users when they are travelling and decide if they want to wait for another one or just get in according to their convenience and time and hence plan their commute in a better way.