Google launches the 'January Security Patch' for Pixel and Nexus devices, releases it to its partners as well

tech2 News Staff
Android will disable the blocking feature if the user initiates an emergency call so emergency responders can contact the user with unknown numbers.

>Google has launched the latest version of the security patch for its Pixel and Nexus-lineup of devices.

The >January security patch addresses a number of security vulnerabilities while adding a number of improvements to the functionality of the devices. Google has also released the Android January Security Patch to device makers to ensure that they are rolled out to other Android-powered devices.

You may be wondering about the differences between the security patch for the Pixel and Nexus line-up and the Android Security Patch. The difference is that the security patch for the Nexus and Pixel line-up includes a number of bug fixes and security patches that are specific to the devices in the line-up. This patch includes the general OS-level bugs and security holes found in the components made by other device or manufacturers that are part of the >Android security patch. Google has >posted the details about the severity level of the issues, including the versions of AOSP that were updated to fix the issue.

The patch includes 48 security patches fixing things ranging from problems in Android framework, media framework, Android system, Broadcom components, HTC components, MediaTek components, Qualcomm components and parts of the system kernel. The 48 fixes also include two functional updates which improve the stability and performance of the system after an OTA is installed and adjusts the way Android handles the key upgrades in the >keystore.

On the other hand, the Android security patch fixes 39 issues with fixes from LG, Nvidia and other closed-source components from Qualcomm. View More