Google launches Android Experiments

Amsterdam, Aug. 13 (ANI): Google has introduced Android Experiments, a site dedicated to encouraging and showcasing projects built through this mobile-linked platform.

According to The Next Web, the experiments featured in the gallery are submitted to Google and are meant to celebrate the creative, experimental Android work of developers everywhere and inspire more developers to get creative with technology and code. It also features comes an open invitation to submit projects. The users can submit any project they think showcases a unique and smart use for Android.

Google said that it is searching for experiments that push the boundaries of what is possible on Android and requirements are on the project submission page. A small team of Google engineers will review all submissions.

Currently there are just 20 projects available on the site which was built on platforms like the Android SDK, NDK, Android Wear, IOIO board, Cinder and Unity.

All of the experiments featured on the website will be open source, with code made available on GitHub. Additionally, all apps will be made available for download on Google Play. (ANI)