Google Home: The feature you've all been waiting for is just around the corner

Sami Khan
Google Home: The feature you've all been waiting for is just around the corner

There are a lot of things Google Home is still incapable of doing as compared to Amazon Echo, but the good news is that it is getting there sooner, rather than later. Google recently welcomed new third-party vendors to serve as partners for its smart home gadget, and it might be on the verge of pushing Amazon Echo to the side with some new features in Google Home 2.0.

As Google continues to improve its Home smart speaker, a new feature that you'll have been waiting for might just be around the corner. If you haven't guessed it yet, it's multi-user login support. That's right! You get personalised experience even if there's an account already set up on the Home.

Google pushed an update to the Google Home Android app, confirming that it now supports multiple users.

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As it appears, the card displayed on the app is by error and the functionality is still not available for users. If you haven't seen the message, you can go to the app's Discover tab and find it right there.

This is the first believable sign of multi-user login support coming to Google Home.

Until now, it was only seen in a tear-down of the app's code by Android Police. It is certainly a welcome move by Google, which will benefit users by having multiple accounts signed in simultaneously – a feature that is already available on Amazon Echo.

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The new feature is still not live, but it will be with the rollout of next update to the app. It is not clear how the multi-user login feature would work on Google Home, but if Amazon Echo is an example, users are going to love it.

Having shared access to Amazon Echo allows users to access the content bought on any one account. You can access music, audiobooks and also lets users share to-do lists and calendars with each other.

One major concern with Amazon Echo is that the primary account holder's credit card can be used by sub-accounts to place orders on Amazon. It's nothing that cannot be fixed by changing some privacy settings.

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Google Home needs to address these concerns and add the benefits of shared access to make the new feature more useful. We'll keep you posted on when the multiple user support arrives on your Home.

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