From Google Gnome to Amazon Petlexa: Here are 6 best tech gags for April Fools' Day 2017

Kukil Bora

April Fools' Day is back again with a bunch of goofs and gags to dupe the netizens. Keeping the tradition alive, various internet companies are rolling out a ton of different pranks to play tricks on their users.

Since this year's April Fools' Day falls on a Saturday, many companies came up with their jokes a few days early. So, if you spot anything today that sounds weird or too good to believe, we suggest you to give it a second thought. 

Here is a roundup of the best tech gags that are worthy of your attention. As always, Google dominates the list.

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Ms. Pac-Man on Google Maps


In this case, pranksters at Google have rehashed an old idea for 2017. We had played Pac-Man on Google Maps in 2015; so this time it's Ms. Pac-Man, who is running around at random locations in the world while trying to out-eat the ghosts.

Google Gnome

We all know about Google Home, the voice-activated speaker powered by the Google Assistant which takes care of stuff inside the home. But what about outside? Here is Google Gnome at your service.

We don't know why Google treats this as a gag, but a Google Home variant customised for the outdoors is something that many would love to pay for, especially if it is smart enough to say that "we're all compost" and "almost everything is made up of organic matter, and will return to organic matter."

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Google Wind

Google has a solution for the annoying rainy days in the Netherlands. Its local team has upgraded some of the traditional windmills with control modules connected to Google Cloud Platform, and is now launching Google Wind.

The company wants you to believe that these are "machine learning windmills that can blow away clouds so you don't have to sing "Rain Rain Go Away."

Google Bubble Wrap Keyboard

If you love to pop bubble wraps to release stress, Google Japan has something for you to offer – a light bubble wrap keyboard which you can pop and type.

There's more. You can also fill in scented air in the bubbles. Isn't it satisfying?

Amazon Petlexa

Would you believe it if we told you that your pet dog may have been longing for its own version of Amazon Alexa? Well, Amazon believes it is, and therefore has introduced Petlexa to help your pet better interact with Echo at home.

We bet your dog will love this.

T-Mobile ONEsie

T-Mobile has discovered the perfect blend of fashion and wearable technology. It believes that the tiny Fitbit band on your wrist is not enough to monitor all the complexities of your body.

So the solution for this is the new T-Mobile ONEsie, a 4G LTE-enabled bodysuit that will turn you into a human hotspot and will literally stop you from eating food high in cholesterol.

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