Google expands partnership with Shopify to enhance shopping experience

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Google expands partnership with Shopify to enhance shopping experience
Google expands partnership with Shopify to enhance shopping experience

19 May 2021: Google expands partnership with Shopify to enhance shopping experience

Google announced on day one of the Google I/O 2021 conference for developers that it has expanded its partnership with e-commerce platform Shopify, and that it will offer an enhanced shopping experience for Photos and Chrome users.

The internet giant will let over 1.7 million merchants on Shopify display their products across its platform with "just a few clicks".

Google Shopping: Google had eliminated fees for merchants in 2020

Last summer, Google had eliminated commissions for retailers on Google Shopping, making the platform free for sellers.

The company said that the move has led to an 80 percent increase in merchants on its platform, with the "vast majority" being small to medium-sized businesses.

Shopify earlier integrated with other platforms like Facebook and TikTok. It also works with Walmart to expand its online marketplace.

Shopping Graph: AI-enhanced tool will help users buy products right away

Today, Google introduced "Shopping Graph," which is a real-time AI-enhanced dataset about merchants, inventory, products, brands and, reviews.

It will connect users with over 24 billion listings and pull product information from brands and retailers along with data from across websites, reviews, and videos.

The new tool is supposed to help users find and buy related products right away.

Search inside screenshot : Google has introduced a new Lens prompt

Google has added another update to its visual search tool, Google Lens. The embedded Lens feature found in Google Photos will now display a "Search inside screenshot" prompt.

It will then try to find any products that match the ones found in the screenshot.

The new update is expected to be a boon for shopaholics.

Chrome addition: Resume shopping where you left it with new Chrome feature

To keep track of pending purchases, Google has introduced a new feature for Chrome users where it will display users' open carts in the middle of the page when they open a new tab.

Additionally, Google will let its customers link their favorite loyalty programs from retailers such as Sephora to their Google accounts, in order to highlight the best purchase options.

Looking Back: Google shut down Shopping app in favor of web version

Google introduced its Shopping app in October 2019 for Android and iOS.

However, a company spokesperson confirmed its shutdown in April this year, while adding that the shopping app will continue to work through June.

The move came as the company was planning on leveraging AI and expanding Shopping functionality across Google Search, Images, and YouTube.

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