New Google Earth Coming This Week: Could It Replace Google Maps?

Google Maps is regularly used by users across the globe. 

Google is reportedly building an overhauled version of its Google Earth that will be unveiled during an Earth Day event in New York City on 18 April. According to a report, Google has sent invitations for an Earth Day-themed event slated to take place in New York this week.

The report also says that Google could possibly replace Maps with Earth, which could be a big move, considering how popular Maps is across the globe.

Google Earth is a virtual globe that allows users to trawl satellite images of the planet’s surface. It uses image resolutions that range between 15 m to 15 cm.

In 2008, Google included its Street View feature that offers a panoramic view from eye-level of streets across the world, in Google Maps.

It is assumed that the new version of Google Earth would replace its Google Maps app.

A dramatically revamped version of Google Earth could bring in more functionality from Google Maps, including traffic reports and local listings, the report said.