Google Doodle For Leap Day 2020: Search Engine Giant Celebrates February 29 With Unique Imagery

Team Latestly

Leap day is here, for those who didn't know the year 2020 is a leap year! And just like for all of us, leap day, February 29, is also marked by search engine Google with a special doodle. And it is the cutest thing you'll see today. What is a leap day? Just an extra day in the month of February? You might want to know that a leap day is observed because the Earth's period of orbital revolution around the Sun takes approximately six hours longer than 365 whole days. So the leap day is added in several solar calendars (which are based on Earth's revolution around the sun). There are 366 days in a leap year, the added day is February 29. Leap day is added to the years which are divisible by 4. So the last leap year was 2016 and the next one would be 2024. On Leap Day 2020, the search engine made a doodle. Happy Leap Day Birthday Wishes: WhatsApp Messages, Images and Quotes to Send Those Who Are Born on February 29.

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Google search engine is known for honouring significant events, festivals, personalities and achievements on its homepage. They make a caricature or a small video to pay a tribute to eminent personalities. For leap day 2020 doodle, they have incorporated the date 29 in their logo, with '29' standing out, larger than the other letters. Leap Year 2020 Superstitions: Beliefs From Around The World! What To Do On February 29 For Good Luck.

A complete revolution of Earth around the Sun takes approximately 365 days, 5 hours, 48 minutes, and 46 seconds ( 365 days and 6 hours, or 365.25 days). So every four years, an extra 23 hours, 15 minutes, and 4 seconds are accumulated. So an extra calendar day is added to align it with other calendars. The set leap day was introduced in Rome as a part of the Julian reform in the 1st century BC. Since the day comes, once in four years, those born on this day are considered special.

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