Google Chrome is watching you watch hardcore porn, and they're sending you a message

Sami Khan
Chrome users must watch out for this new feature to stay protected online

You are probably aware of Google Chrome's incognito mode, which lets you browse anything on the internet without leaving a trace on your PC or mobile.

Be it shopping online to surprise your partner, or well, watching porn, Google Chrome's incognito has got you covered. If it's the latter then you might be missing out on some major signs Google is giving you for watching too much of adult content.

One thing leads to another and it goes on. If you are too lost in finding the right kind of porn to suit your sexual desires that you lose track of how many tabs you have open, keep an eye out for Google's subtle way of saying "hope you're having fun (with a pun intended)".

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Having one too many tabs open on your Google Chrome, 100 and above to be precise, drops a hint to Google. At least that's one way of looking at it.

The Independent has found that a smiley (on iOS devices) and a wink (on Android) appears at the top right hand corner instead of the normal tab counter, when you have 100 or more tabs open at once. You could say that's Google's way of mocking users of incognito windows.

But if you think highly of Google and refuse to believe the web search giant is judging you, there's a possible technical explanation to that.

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As Mashable reports, Google Chrome is designed to have just two characters in the tab counter. So when you have more than 99 tabs open, the tab counter is replaced with a smiley. And, it appears as the new tab counter is one of many hidden features Google Chrome holds in itself.

Since it is unclear what exactly causes this smilies to appear, we dare you to try not to think Google is mocking you when you have 100 tabs of porn open on your phone or laptop, which is frankly quite a lot we think.

But hey! We're not the ones judging. ;)

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