Google Chrome used by 41 percent of world's population: Report

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Google Chrome used by 41 percent of world
Google Chrome used by 41 percent of world

26 May 2021: Google Chrome used by 41 percent of world's population: Report

A new report suggests that Google Chrome enjoys a lion's share of the world's web browser market. Chrome reportedly has over 3.2 billion users worldwide. The statistic isn't a surprise since Google Chrome comes pre-installed on most Android phones and Microsoft Windows users prefer it over the built-in Microsoft Edge browser. Here are more details.

Lion’s share: Report claims Google Chrome has around 3.2 billion users worldwide

A report by AtlasVPN claims that Google Chrome is now used by 3,258,256,887 people around the world. That's approximately 41 percent of the world's population. It is an enormous share considering that billions today still don't have access to the internet. The report claims that Google's browser is installed on 60 percent of all the devices in operation today.

Strong growth: To recall, Google Chrome was launched in 2008

The report collected data from GlobalStats which is reportedly based on the InternetWorldStats user metrics for the month of April. Interestingly, Chrome had a tiny six percent market share back in 2010 but it has grown steadily since then. At the time, 31 percent of users relied on Mozilla Firefox while Microsoft Internet Explorer (recently retired by Microsoft) commanded a 54 percent market share.

RAM for breakfast: Apple's Safari browser secures a distant second place

Chrome shot to fame soon after launch since it wasn't resource-intensive at the time. However, the same can't be said about the browser today. In fact, Chrome's RAM-hogging nature has been the centerstage of many jokes in recent years. The AtlasVPN report shows that Apple's Safari browser comes in at a distant second place with 944,576,100 users.

Strong points: Chrome's popularity can be attributed to effortless desktop-mobile sync, convenience

Former market leaders Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge come in at third and fourth place respectively. That said, HT Tech reports that Chrome holds on to its crown since it is one of the most security-conscious browsers available today. We believe its popularity has more to do with convenience since passwords and browsing history sync seamlessly between mobile and desktop versions of Chrome.

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