Google cancels April Fools' Day pranks for second consecutive year

Chandraveer Mathur
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Google cancels April Fools
Google cancels April Fools

01 Apr 2021: Google cancels April Fools' Day pranks for second consecutive year

Search giant Google will refrain from wisecracks for the second consecutive year. The Verge and Business Insider received confirmation from the company that owing to the coronavirus pandemic, jokes for this year's April Fools' Day have been paused.

Recent jokes from the tech giant included fake plans of settling on Mars and a human-animal translation app.

Serious business: Google's statement acknowledges the world's challenges during the coronavirus pandemic

In 2020, Google recognized the need for a more serious mindset as the world bore the brunt of the coronavirus pandemic and canceled the silly and sometimes hilarious jokes it released each year on April 1.

This year is no different, as the company's statement acknowledged that "much of the world is still grappling with serious challenges".

Sentiment: Google could continue with 'appropriate ways' to bring joy

Business Insider reports that Google executives sent internal emails to their managers in March suggesting that Google's tradition of April Fools' Day jokes be paused this year as well.

The company's statement came from the VP for global marketing, Marvin Chow. His statement noted that just like last year, Google should continue to find appropriate ways to bring joy to users throughout the year.

Doodles galore: Google regularly places commemorative doodles on the Search homepage

We believe Chow refers to celebratory doodles and Easter eggs Google regularly features on its search homepage to celebrate prominent events.

For example, to commemorate the Perseverance Mars Rover's successful touchdown, Google's Arts & Culture page featured a full 3D model of the rover.

Additionally, any search with the keyword "Perseverance" triggered virtual fireworks on the users' screen (pictured).

Bitcoin payments?: Flipkart, Realme didn't refrain from tomfoolery on April Fools' Day

However, Google's seemingly considerate decision to withhold jokes isn't shared across the tech industry. For instance, Walmart-owned Flipkart jokingly announced that it will accept Bitcoin as an official mode of payment.

Similarly, Realme reportedly teased multiple Realmeow-branded products such as the Meow Book, Meow AI Speaker, and Meow VR glasses. In a tweet, Realme confirmed its Meow range is merely a joke.

Fact: Flipkart joked about accepting Bitcoins as a form of payment