Google brings audiobooks to Home: Here's how you can read..err listen to books on the smart speaker

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To invoke the audiobook, say, “Ok Google, read my book" to the Google Assistant on your phone or the Google Home.

Finding the time to read is a struggle all bibliophiles face. Sometimes the books are too many or one does not find the time to read them. Meanwhile, for those who are not interested in reading, developing the habit of reading can be a daunting task. Therefore, tools like >audiobooks can be helpful in listening to books and also updating oneself with recent releases.

In January, Google had released its audiobooks section on Google Play. With the help of audiobooks, you can read..err listen to books on multiple devices. This is available on smartphones, Google Home, Chromecast or Android Wear. The update is available on Android and iOS. But how does one listen on Google Home?

These audiobooks are available on Google Home, Home Mini and Home Max. In India, Google had launched the >Home and Home Mini. Since it comes integrated with Google Assistant, you can give commands to the Home to read.

You can buy an audiobook on >Google Play. Some of these books are free of cost while some have to be purchased. After purchasing the book, it is added to the Google Library. According to Google, a Family Library option is also available so that family members can listen to the books.

To invoke the >audiobook, say, "Ok Google, read my book" to the Google Assistant on your phone or the Google Home. You can also give commands such as "Ok Google, who is the author?", if you want to know about the author of the book; or "Ok Google, stop playing in 20 minutes," if you want to set a timer to it.

You can listen to the audiobook and complete your everyday chores while listening to it. And since it is available on Android, iOS, or the web, users can switch between devices without being tied to any particular platform.

The audiobook section was launched in 45 countries in nine languages.

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