#GoodNews: Social media demands justice for tigress who was given a death sentence by Maharashtra govt

For more than two months, around 150 people have been searching for Avni (HuffPost India)

The Maharashtra forest department has claimed that a six-year-old tigress in Pandharkawada’s Tipeshwar forest, along with two of her cubs, consumed a human corpse in September, which led to declaring her a “man-eater”. According to reports, Avni claimed at least 9 lives.

Consequently, the Bombay High Court gave the forest department a go-ahead to to tranquillise or shoot the tigress.

According to Firstpost, While petitioners Ajay Dubey of Bhopal’s NGO Prayatna and Simarat Sandhu of the Save the Tiger campaign in Delhi claimed that it has not been established that the corpse was eaten by the tigress and her cubs, the forest department maintained that the big cat was responsible for at least nine deaths.

The department said they had been trying hard for the last six months to get to a ‘touching distance’ of the tigress to dart her with a tranquilliser, but have failed in doing so. From perfumes to glides and sniffer dogs have been used in the operation to find the tigress and the cubs, but all efforts have failed.

“A distinction has to be made between a tigress killing a human and a habitual man-eater,” a senior lawyer said.

Since then, an online petition with the hashtag #LetAvniLive started with full force and NGOs, animal rights activists, and animal lovers have poured on the streets demanding the death sentence to be reversed.

Dr Sarita Subramaniam of Earth Brigade Foundation, that is working with National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA) said “We have less than 1,700 tigers in the country. Tigers are territorial. But with the government taking away places for them to grow naturally in the wild, it corrupts their gene pool. It is slowly killing them,” reported The Hindu.

According the The Logical Indian, activists are angry over the Supreme Court’s decision for not interfering in the matter. Many TV stars like Anju Mahendroo, Divya Seth Shah, Manav Gohil have also come on video, urging the authorities not to kill the tigress. The protest to save Avni has even reached UK, USA and Canada.

Doesn’t Avni have a right to live? If you want to support this petition, please sign here.

Here are some of the Twitter responses:

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