#GoodNews: No More Bulky Files, Supreme Court to Go Paperless Soon

The Apex Court has the potential to make a breakthrough in gender jurisprudence.

The Supreme Court has decided to go green. All those thick files of paper? Gone!

Chief Justice of India JS Khehar has said that the Supreme Court will be ready to go digital in about six to seven months from now, the Times of India reported.

According to the daily, as many as 70,000 appeals are filed in the apex court every year. Each appeal runs into over 100 pages. On an average, this adds up to around 70 lakh pages annually. The digital push may help save around 50 lakh sheets of paper every year, a move that will greatly benefit the environment.

Senior advocate Indira Jaising put forth the demand in a petition, which was promptly taken up by CJI Khehar.

Indira Jaising, Senior advocate We are talking about protecting the environment. But I am sorry to say the Supreme Court is the biggest guzzler of paper. I think we need to reduce the use of paper

The TOI quoted CJI Khehar as saying:

After another six months, you don’t need to file any documents.

"We will electronically pick up records from trial courts and high courts. There will be no need for appellants to file those records. The appeal just has to state the grounds on which the petitioner is challenging a judgment in the SC,” he said.