#GoodNews: UP Ashram Makes Paper Pens to Fight Plastic Pollution

In his attempt to wage a war against the use of plastic in Uttar Pradesh, a mahant of Dalmau's Khandeshwari Ashram in Uttar Pradesh has started making pens using paper.

Speaking to ANI, mahant Krishna Bihari stated that he started the campaign to stop people from polluting the environment with plastic. He told the news agency that he currently distributes the pens free of cost to make people aware of harms caused by the use of plastic.

"Plastic pollutes environment. So I started this. People help me. We’re distributing pens free of cost but some people give me money asking to take this initiative forward." - Mahant Krishna Bihari

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Men and women who have joined the initiative are being paid to put in their hours. A worker in the ashram told NDTV that women were being provided with employment opportunities.

"Women are provided with employment opportunities, which also motivate them to come and work. We have made almost 400 pens so far." - Ashram worker

Mahant Krishna Bihari further added that his initiative was also influenced from the Uttar Pradesh government’s decision of banning the use of plastic, reported NDTV.

"The government also wants us to not use plastic, hence, I am trying to make pens out of paper as it is biodegradable and it would not pollute the environment. This also provides employment to some, “ NDTV quoted the mahant as saying.

(With inputs from NDTV, ANI)

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