#GoodNews: Good boi doggo becomes employee in car showroom

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Image taken from: https://www.facebook.com/amtmindia/posts/3516092738402847

This handsome looking doggo is now an employee of Hyundai Motors in Brazil. Don’t believe us, check out his employee badge.

The kind-hearted folks at the showroom took him in. Now, he lives and eats there.

At a time when there are heartbreaking stories of owners abandoning their pets on the streets during the lockdown, it is indeed heartening to see more and more people taking care of the animals in their community.

Earlier this month, we shared a heartwarming video of a shopkeeper in Mumbai who gave shelter to one of the local stray dogs during the rain.

So, what’s stopping you from being kind today?

Go on, be inspired. #KindnessMatters

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