Good News For ACT Fibernet Broadband Users: Free Upgrades To 300Mbps Speeds And More

At a time when work from home has increased the reliance on a good home broadband line, internet service provider (ISP) ACT Broadband has again announced upgrades for its users which should significantly improve the user experience. The ISP says that ACT Fibernet Broadband users in Delhi will now get free speed upgrades on select plans, at no extra cost. In Delhi, the ACT Fibernet Broadband plans start at Rs 799. The ACT Platinum Promo plan continues to be priced at Rs 1,049 per month and now offers 200Mbps speed instead of 100Mbps that was the speed cap before. There is also 1000GB data bundled, after which the speed will reduce to 1Mbps for the rest of the billing cycle. The ACT Diamond plan will continue to be priced at Rs 1,349 per month and will now offer 300Mbps speed—this is a significant increase from 150Mbps earlier. The data bundled is 1500GB per month.

The ACT Silver Promo, which is the entry spec plan for home broadband subscribers continues to be priced at Rs 799 and offers 100Mbps speed with 500GB data usage per month. Post the exhaustion of the 500GB data, the speed reduces to 512kbps. “As part of our brand promise of Feel the advantage we believe in bringing the best experiences to our customers and as a step to further enhance our customer experience, we have upgraded plans with higher speeds and increased FUP limits. In these times where customers are connected to internet from their home, our high-speed plans will enable superior internet experience especially around work from home, streaming, gaming and e-learning,” says Saurabh Mukherjee, COO, ACT Fibernet.

This move gives ACT Fibernet Broadband a significant advantage over rivals that include Spectra, which offer plans with similar speeds either at higher prices or offer much lesser data limits per month unless you pay in advance for long-term subscriptions in one go. It will be interesting to see if Reliance Jio, Airtel and other fiber broadband players respond to ACT’s speed and data upgrades with broadband plan changes of their own.