'Gone in 60 Seconds': Python Tries to Prey on Leopard, Big Cat Shows Who's the Boss

A rare fight took place between a giant python and a leopard at a safari park in Kenya, recently, after the reptile tried to eat the big cat. The leopard emerged victorious in the unlikely battle.

The captivating video from the Maasai Mara Triangle Reserve in Kenya shows the python and the leopard eyeing an impala, but suddenly the humongous snake decides to make the leopard its meal and attacks it instead.

According to a report by Daily Mail, the leopard was initially caught off-guard. The big cat then soon jumped into the air and swiped with its big paws as the python tried to squeeze it into submission. The video also shows the python trying to curl itself upon its prey but ultimately surrendering before it.

People who were present while the battle was playing out and capturing the video, thought that the leopard would be swallowed by the python, but the big cat fought hard and managed to wrestle out. The leopard then bit the head of the giant snake.

"We all had a moment thinking about how terrible it was that we were watching a beautiful leopard get killed. Python constriction is horrible and it was sickening to imagine death from that," the report quoted 28-year-old Mike Welton, a wildlife photographer who captured the unusual leopard and python fight as saying.

Mike said they heard a very loud crunching sound which appeared as if the leopard had bit the skull of the python.

Mike further said that it was "probably the closest scrape with death" that the leopard has ever been through.

Mike said he along with his safari group heard of a leopard sighting in the area and they rushed to witness the big cat. Mike said it was "thrill" to watch the power of a leopard in action while it was hunting the impala.

Calling the python attacking the leopard a "rare" sight, Mike said, "Word travelled around the Mara and of 40 or so guides, who are out there all day every day, nobody has seen this happen before."

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