Golf pro puts health at risk for amazing Phil Mickelson trick shot

A European golf pro put the ultimate trust in Phil Mickelson’s short game, risking injury to allow “Lefty” to pull off a remarkable trick shot. (AP)

Phil Mickelson is a master of the short game.

The five-time major champion known for fearlessness that sometimes leads to recklessness is probably best known for his work with his wedges around the greens.

Golf pro risks injury for Phil Mickelson trick shot

That unique skill is the only thing that explains this otherwise foolish decision by European Tour pro Gary Evans to stand directly in front of a Mickelson flop shot.

Evans posted the video Tuesday, presumably as part of a Callaway promotion leading up to this week’s Open Championship at Carnoustie.

Bravo to Evans for standing his ground. There may not be another pro on Tour that Evans would trust in that situation.

Knowing Mickelson, here’s guessing he picked up some extra walking-around money from spectators by pulling off that shot.

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