Will Golden Girl Ramya follow in the footsteps of SM Krishna to join BJP?

Prakash Upadhyaya

Actress-turned-politician Ramya has not been in the news for some time now. The Golden Girl of Sandalwood has remained inactive in Twitter as well and has apparently avoided sharing her views on current politics. This has led to rumours of her joining the Bharatiya Janata Party.

Ramya's political mentor SM Krishna resigned from the primary membership of Congress this week for being ignored by the party. He will reportedly join the BJP soon. Now, rumours are started doing the rounds that she could also leave the party like the veteran leader, who remains one of the strong Vokkaliga leaders in Karnataka.

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The actress has been one of the few politicians from Karnataka, who was active on Twitter. She used to interact with people on a regular basis and tried to expose the shortcomings of the BJP. Ramya was also seen talking about social issues at every given opportunity on the social media site.

Surprisingly, Ramya has remained inactive ever since her mentor SM Krishna decided to leave Congress.

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Her last post on Twitter was on December 6, 2016, where she claimed that she was discharged from a hospital over some health issues. Her silence has now become a fodder for rumour mongers in politics to speculate that she would join the saffron party soon.

However, political experts feel that Ramya would not move out of the Congress anytime soon. She could possibly take her own sweet time to decide on her next political move as she still remains one of the popular young leaders in the party.

Nonetheless, people are curiously looking forward to her next move.

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