Gold, saffron worth Rs 96.8 lakhs recovered at Chennai Airport

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Recoverd Saffron
Recoverd Saffron

Chennai (Tamil Nadu) [India], December 22 (ANI): Air Customs at Chennai International Airport seized 1.67 kilograms gold and 4 kilograms saffron worth of Rs 96.8 lakhs from seven passengers on Tuesday.

"The gold worth Rs 87 lakhs was concealed in a toy transformer, rectum and shirt sleeve whereas the Saffron which valued Rs 9.8 lakhs recovered from handbag seized under the Customs Act from seven passengers travelling from Dubai where the Customs officer held them," said a press release.

Earlier, three specimens of canine teeth belonging to the genus 'Panthera', along with ash-like powder, were recovered from an Emirates flight from Dubai on Sunday. (ANI)