Gold prices slip on Monday after closing 1.25 per cent lower in November

With a month-long of fluctuations, the gold prices have dipped on the second day of December. The gold futures dipped on a strong dollar on 2nd December.

Todays’ Gold prices are:

22 carat Gold- Rs 3730 for 1 gram and Rs 37300 for 10 grams.

24 carat Gold- Rs 3989.305 for 1 gram and Rs 39893.05 for 10 grams.

The prices of Gold were subject to several changes as the world was at unrest with protests in Hong Kong and statements from the USA and China on the trade war. According to experts, the price is expected to come down to Rs 38,000.

With November ended, the monthly gold market closed lower than previous months locally, the market closed around 1.25 per cent lower in November. The prices dipped as low as Rs.37,477 in November and ended at a comfortable Rs 38,020 per 10 gram.

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