Going head over wheels

Karishma Venkiteswaran
2 June 2013

India, June 3 -- That most youngsters love watching bike stunts is a given. Saturday's BMX stunt show at the Carter Road Promenade, organised as a part of the No TV Day initiative of Hindustan Times, in association with the Bandra Cycle Club, drew bike aficionados by the hundreds.

Freestyle BMX is an extreme stunt-riding sport performed on specially made BMX bicycles. Members of Sharp Tune, a group of youngsters that has been practicing the art of freestyle BMX for a decade now, wooed the audience with their stunts.

26-year-old Dipak Panchal, the co-founder of Sharp Tune was proud to be associated with the event. He said, "This initiative helps you experience new thrills instead of watching TV at home. People should become aware of the importance of outdoor activities."

As the show began, youngsters gathered around the promenade and cheered the performers. Joel Rhine, 18, a resident of Kandivli, said, "It was a great show and I would love watching similar shows in the future too, instead of sitting in front of the TV at home."

Another member of the audience 28-year-old Pradeep Kumar, who comes from Agra said he was amazed by some of the stunts.

"This was the first time I saw such an event in reality. Sports should move beyond the TV screen with shows like these," he said.

Deepa Ranka, 40, was a lucky audience member who was asked to volunteer for one of the stunts. "I came here because my son was intent on us not watching TV today. We leave with wonderful memories," Ranka said.

12-year-old Dhwani Shah was also roped in to volunteer for a stunt. "When they first described the stunt to me, I was scared," said the Matunga resident who finally agreed to let a cyclist fly his bike over her as she lied down on the ground. "It was an exhilarating experience."

Published by HT Syndication with permission from Hindustan Times.