‘GOI should be very proud’: WHO lauds India’s fight amid falling Covid-19 cases

WHO representative to India Dr Roderico Ofrin lauded the efforts by the country in the fight against Covid-19. Dr Ofrin praised PM Narendra Modi for making it a Jan Andolan (people's movement). He said that the government should be proud of the resilience shown during the pandemic. “Over three months now, Covid-19 cases in India have been consistently going down. I go back to the principle of consistent public health measures, responses being implemented. Access, affordability, speeding up test results - it was all on call of PM's Jan Andolan’. Considering the magnitude of the population, the government of India has to be very proud of,” Dr Ofrin said. India recently became the fastest country to vaccinate six million beneficiaries. While the US took 26 days and UK 46, India achieved the feat in the fastest 24 days.