GoI to construct community hall at Jeshoreshwari Kali Temple: PM Modi to ANI

Ishwaripur (Bangladesh), Mar 27 (ANI): During his visit to Jeshoreshwari Kali Temple on the second day of his Bangladesh visit, Prime Minister Narendra Modi told ANI that a community hall is needed at the temple for multi-purposes including social, religious and emergency situations and Government of India will lead its construction work.“When Maa Kaali mela is held here, large devotees come from across border (India) and here. A community hall is needed which should be multi-purpose so that when people come here during Kaali puja, it is useful to them too,” said PM Modi. He added, “It should be useful even for social, religious and educational events. Most importantly, it should act as a shelter for all at the time of disasters like cyclone. GoI will do construction work. I express gratitude to Bangladesh Government that they have wished us well for this.”