‘God thanked for decent marks; when I failed, I would be blamed’: How Indian parents react to board exam results

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On a Reddit thread, some Indians talked about how parents react to their child’s board exam results. And what they said may seem hilarious but they are extremely relatable, giving us a glimpse of the frenzy surrounding marks, which for many, is more important than learning. Take a look at some of the comments:

1. "Through a mishap, I was added to my school parent group instead of my mother. The group is full of moms. Just moms. No fathers. One thing I’ve noticed, is how they all take their kid’s results as their own, as a factor of their pride…some mothers being jealous of others when their kid’s marks were lower. They didn’t care about the child’s work, just about showing off." -thenightdoesntend

2. "One of my neighbour’s daughter got 96 per cent in this class 12 boards exam. Her mother is running around the whole colony distributing sweets . Question asked to the mother :- ‘tumhare beti ko itna number kaise mila ? Bohot parta hoga na ? Answer given by the mother :- ‘kuch nahi parta tha . KISKA BETI HAI WO DEKHO'" -Nameless_Creature

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3. "My sister got 92 per cent and then all was good for one day until the headlines in the newspaper came 2.3 lakh students scored above 90 per cent in class 10 boards, parents became a little disappointed then" -chalakbahu

4. "I got promoted to 12 this year. My moms mad at me because a girl from our school is 3AIR. I think i am gonna go up an revolutionary path in future." -librarian2436

5. "They just treat it like a game and it’s really bad for the kids. I’ve also seen lots of gossip happen, fights happen, parents/kids getting alienated, etc…" -goldeneag

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6. "My cousin did well, so his parents got him a cake with a congratulatory message on it. Shared the photos on the family Whatsapp group. I know they are well meaning but this stuff is super cringe-worthy." -routefire

7. "My parents used to force me to do a lot of sh*t when I was in school. Learn classical music, sports , quick math classes etc. Some of it did help me, some I enjoyed but most I hated and was forced on me. Somehow my parents measure their worth in society by how good I do." -CHEMICAL_SINGH