GoAir Riyadh-Delhi Flight Diverted to Karachi Airport Due to Medical Emergency as Passenger Falls Ill Onboard

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New Delhi, November 17: The GoAir Riyadh-Delhi flight on Tuesday was diverted to Karachi airport in Pakistan due to a medical emergency onboard. According to a tweet by ANI, the passenger was reportedly unwell due to which the airplane had to be diverted.

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A report by ANI quoted a Go Air Official saying that the flight landed safely at Karachi airport. More details on the incident are awaited. DGCA Asks IndiGo and GoAir to Fly Aircraft with Modified PW Engines Only.

Here's the tweet:

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According to reported by Pakistani Media, sources have informed that at 7:30 pm on Tuesday, Indian air flight number GOW-6658 going from Riyadh-Delhi, landed at Jinah Terminal in Pakistan's Karachi as an Indian passenger fell unconscious onboard.

Reports quote Pakistani media saying that as soon as the incident was reported, Air Traffic Control called the Airport health doctor who immediately reached at bay no 22 and checked the patient and declared him dead due to cardiac failure.