After Goa MLA's 'Secret' Letter to PM Modi, Cops Say Drug Trade on Decline

Panaji: The supply as well as demand of narcotics is on the wane in Goa in view of the sustained police action, a senior officer said on Sunday.

Inspector General of Police (IGP) Jaspal Singh said police have adopted a zero tolerance policy towards drug trafficking. "The continuous police action has drastically reduced the supply as well as demand of drug trafficking in Goa," the IGP said.

He said the district police, crime branch and the narcotic cell of Goa Police have made numerous seizures and arrests.

Singh has mentioned about the action against drug trafficking in a letter to Goa Forward Party (GFP) MLA Vinod Paliencar, who on Saturday claimed to have submitted a 'secrete' report to Prime Minister Narendra Modi on a drug "nexus" between politicians and policemen.

The Goa Police has now requested the former minister to share with them the copy of his letter for investigation and necessary action.

"It would have been more appropriate if a copy of your letter to the PM would have been shared in confidence with senior police officials. I would therefore request you to make available a copy of the letter to us to enable us to identify such elements and initiate due legal action against them," the IGP stated.