Goa learns from Maharashtra, will ban plastics in the state in phases

Goa will impose a ban on all plastics below 50 microns from January next year. The state plans to ban all plastic packaging of items that are sold in smaller quantities.

According to a leading daily, environment minister Nilesh Cabral has that all sachets, water, soft drinks and other drinks sold in pet bottles of volume below 500 ml will be banned.

Cabral added saying that products sold with smaller packages are a part of the companies’ marketing strategy and it harms the environment. Goa will implement the plastic ban in phases and not completely as Maharashtra did and had to soften the ban later.

Initially, Goa will ban plastics below 50 microns, single-use plastics and styrofoam plates and cups, among others from the market. Cabral has also planned to involve retired teachers, government officials and students, to successfully implement the ban at the village-level and popularise it.

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