Will Goa CM resign for O2 debacle?; Anti-Modi poster arrest Row | Top Headlines

Headlines of the hour 1. Four nights of neglect and apathy in Goa. 83 deaths reported due to an oxygen supply shortage but the government remains defiant. Chorus grows for resignation for Goa Chief Minister. 2. 25 people arrested for the anti-Modi poster. Opposition slams arrest but Delhi police defends the move cites procedure. 3. As images of floating corpses' shook India but our Neta doesn't even spare the dead from the ugly political blame game. BJP digs out 2015 river burials are part of a custom. Opposition calls in the insensitive remark. 4. After the government decides to extend the gap of Covishield vaccine gap. Chaos and confusion increases. Senior citizens turned away from vaccine centres for 2nd dose. 5. AIIMS Chief Randeep Guleria sounds Black Fungus alarm. Cases in COVID patients with mucormycosis is rising warns against misuse of steroids'. 6. Cyclone Tauktae hits coastal part of Goa hits power supply in major areas. Heavy rains experienced in parts of Karnataka, Kerala and parts of Maharashtra. 7. Amid death data discrepancies, Gujarat Government lists excuses

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