GNCTD Amendment Bill must not be allowed in Rajya Sabha: Sanjay Singh

Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) Rajya Sabha Member of Parliament Sanjay Singh on March 24 claimed that GNCTD Amendment Bill is 'unconstitutional' and that's why the party is opposing it in upper house. He also said that "BJP is losing in Delhi and that's why bringing such bill to remove AAP". Sanjay Singh said, "Central government is liable to bring a Constitutional Amendment Bill in House before making any amendment to constitution. I gave a notice in Rajya Sabha yesterday that this (GNCTD Amendment) Bill is unconstitutional and mustn't be allowed to be presented in House." He further said, "They (BJP) have been losing for 23 years and now want to remove a government (AAP) that has consistently worked for people of Delhi and has also been winning by majority. All political parties are opposing this Bill because this can happen to anyone tomorrow."