The New Gmail Logo is So Bad, But These Funny Memes on It Are Too Good, Netizens Express Disappointment at Changed GSuite Look With Jokes

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Google recently revamped all of its GSuite, replacing all icons of their services. From Gmail, Drive, Calendar and Google Meet all the logos now have an uniform look with colours of the brand logo. And with that, the email service Gmail looks different as the colours take away the envelope sign. And people are not impressed. Netizens have called it a terrible idea to change the logos but looks like Gmail's logo change has hurt them the most. And people on the internet react to everything with funny memes and jokes. So since last week, Gmail logo change has become the buzz on the internet with funny memes and jokes slamming them. Many have said that Google should just go back to its previous logos. Gmail memes are trending online.

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For many of us, when we started on the internet Google Mail were our first email ids. The service completed 16 years in the month of April this year. And while the usernames may have been outrageous to remember, now people are feeling the same about the new logo. The new logo stands out the letter 'M' prominently which also appears in the notifications tab. People are not impressed with the idea of losing the envelope and have channeled their disappointment via funny memes and jokes online. Hangouts Chat, Hangout Meet Now Renamed as Google Chat & Google Meet! Google Enterprise G Suite Rebranded.

Check Funny Memes and Jokes on Gmail's Logo Change:

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A lot of people have called it horrible, terrible and all sorts of similar adjectives. What do you think about this new changed look? Do you too want the old envelope logo back? Let's see if Google unrolls the feature where you can go back to the simpler logo. Given the disappointment at this new change, they might just.