GJM leader Binay Tamang in conversation with Times Now, says ‘Will not share space with Bimal Gurung’

Ahead of meeting with Mamata Banerjee, GJM leader Binay Tamang speaks with Times Now, he states that He will not share any space with Bimal Gurung and any administrative space with him. He further adds that he has betrayed the people. People of Darjeeling do not want him to come back. There are 167 cases against him including UAPA. He is a criminal and Binay Tamang believes that joining hands with BJP was a mistake. Bimal Gurung is a political opportunist. BJP had been playing with the Gorkhaland emotion. He further added that he expects Mamata Banerjee will decide in the interest of peace and harmony in Darjeeling and he is supporting her. Binay also explains how they became friends during the crisis and she will have be a responsible friend no Bimal Gurung is not welcomed. We will not go to BJP but people will not appreciate if Bimal Gurung comes back.