Girl Crashes Her Car in Bloody 'Carrie' Costume for Halloween, Officers Think She is Dead

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The first responders to a crash site were shocked to find the driver of a wrecked car, apparently bleeding heavily from a head wound emerging from the crashed vehicle. The girl, named Sidney Wolfe, met with an accident after a deer came in front of her car in Ohio, US.

However, looks can be deceiving and everything was not as it seemed at first glance.

Taking to Twitter, Sidney, a student of Marshall University in West Virginia, wrote about the incident.

Turns out, even though the accident was very real, police and doctors at the spot got freaked out seeing her blood and injuries, which, according to her, were not real but part of an elaborate costume for promoting a horror musical show she was a part of. Sidney said that she 'totaled' her car as the titular protagonist from Stephen King's horror classic 'Carrie'.

The youngster whose Twitter bio reads as "Miss. Halloween 2019", even added that the first responder to the crash site thought she was dead.

Sidney elaborated upon the backstory in subsequent threads to the original tweet and added that she was promoting Carrie the Musical at a haunted house and at the end of the night was too tired to shower. Thus when she wrecked, the people on site saw her condition and mistook it for original injuries.

Carrie went on to reveal that while she waited for her parents to pick her up, conversing with people, an officer interrupted them to ask if she needed medical assistance. Sidney added that perhaps God was looking out for her.

Turns out, Sidney managed to escape the car crash with only a minor bruise on her leg and all the blood and gore was actually a part of the elaborate makeup she wore.

A number of people commented on the tweet stating that they were glad she was not hurt and adding that it was "quality content". Some even shared stories of similar incidents that happened with them. Here's what they wrote: