This girl asked a football player to homecoming in the middle of a game


A teen asked a football player to the homecoming dance in front of the entire school in the middle of a game. (Photo: hanakopitskie/Twitter)

A teenager named Alondra decided to plan a special way to ask her football player boyfriend to the upcoming homecoming dance. She never thought, however, that her sweet romantic gesture would go viral with over 44,000 likes on Twitter.

The 15-year-old tells Yahoo Lifestyle, “I was extremely nervous because I didn’t want anything to go wrong. I didn’t wanna mess up what I was gonna say.”

And she didn’t mess up a word. With a megaphone in hand, Alondra shouted from the top of her lungs in the middle of a football game that she wanted to ask 16-year-old Tye to be her date for the homecoming dance. While she asked, her friends held up banners with words that spelled “HOCO?” short for homecoming. The banners also had photos of the couple pasted on them.

Check out the cute video below:

Alondra and Tye have been officially dating for over a year. They met when Tye transferred schools from Texarkana, Texas, to Killeen, Texas.

“He came to me and I actually rejected him at first and we were just friends for months,” she says. “And then I realized that I had feelings. He was supposed to move back, but once I told him how I felt, he decided to stay in Killeen for me.”

Now the teens are inseparable. Alondra says that Tye asked her to homecoming last year, so this year she decided it was her turn to make the move.

“He’s always doing special things for me,” she shares with Yahoo Lifestyle. “He truly makes me feel like a queen. He deserves to feel special too, and I just wanted to see that big beautiful smile on his face.”

When the two aren’t hanging out with friends, they like to spend time together watching movies or just hanging out. They are not used to their new internet fame yet.

“We’re both really shocked,” she says. “We’re just two normal people, and it was out nowhere. We didn’t expect it at all but we’re so thankful for the support and it’s just really nice.”

So what’s next for the teens besides having fun at the dance?

“We’ve actually been thinking of starting a YouTube Channel,” Alondra says. “Stay tuned for that.”

And based on what the Twitterverse has to say about the couple, we are sure their YouTube Channel would be a hit.

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