Gir Lion Strolls Freely in Gujarat’s Junagadh, Passersby Stop to Take Selfies and Videos; Watch Viral Clip

Kamal Joshi

Junagadh, July 16: The lion is considered as the king of the forest, for hunting ability, aggressiveness and bold attitude. But the lions of Gujarat's Gir forest are different. A video has been going viral on the internet where a lion can strolling around the road with a devil-may-care attitude. The clip shared on Youtube claims to be from Junagadh district's Bilkha road.Tiger Chases Bikers in Kerala’s Wayanad, Viral Video Scares Netizens.

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The video shows lion crossing the road leisurely without any fear of humans or in fact, the humans are not afraid of feline. A person on the bike can be seen coming on the way of animal but he crosses the way safely and stops later to watch the lion crossing the road, while other passersby taking selfies and filming the occurrence. There is no report of any damage. Duck Survives a Tiger Attack! This Viral Video Teaches Us How to Duck Problems Skilfully. 

Watch the Frightening Video:

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This is not the first time that lions have strayed into the public areas close to Gir wildlife sanctuary. The Gir forest is inhabited by many Asiatic lions who often stroll in the residential areas.

But sometimes the encounters can be scary, recently a video went viral from Kerala's Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary, where a tiger was seen chasing two riders on a bike. Thankfully, the bikers spotted the feline and accelerated the bike and made a good distance from the animal.