Gimmick matches and Brock Lesnar announced for Royal Rumble go-home WWE Raw


Bengaluru, January 14: Next week's episode of WWE Monday Night Raw, which emanates from the INTRUST Bank Arena in Wichita, Kansas will be the go-home edition for 2020 Royal Rumble. To keep the hype intact, multiple announcements were made for next Monday's show featuring two gimmick matches and the appearance of the WWE Champion.
The potential main event of next Raw was confirmed where Rey Mysterio challenges WWE United States Champion, Andrade. The title will be on the line in this contest which will be a Ladder Match. In order to win the title, one must climb the ladder and grab the belt which will hang 15-feet above the ring.
This ladder match was set up after Andrade ripped Rey's mask off due to Zelina Vega getting knocked down at ringside during Rey vs. Andrade singles title match last week. Later that night, Rey took it back from Andrade to keep the tensions high.

So, Zelina Vega was all fired up with a rant about Rey and mentioned how El-Idolo will win once again next week. In a counter interview with Charly Caruso, Mysterio played Andrade down and mentioned how Andrade tried to take out Humberto Carrillo previously which he is not scared of.
But a Ladder match is an ideal match for him as he looks forward to taking back the US title on WWE Raw. He will be happy as he could defeat Andrade to become the new champion.
A Mixed Tag Team match has also become official for next WWE Raw where we will see Lana and Bobby Lashley taking on Liv Morgan and Rusev. During Lashley vs. Rusev singles contest, Lana tried to interfere on different occasions bringing Liv Morgan to the mix. But Lana grabbed a drink from a fan and splashed it in Liv's face, before thudding her into the barrier.

Despite standing tall, Lana was not happy the way Liv has disrespected her. So she issued a challenge for the mixed tag team match against Liv and Rusev. Moments later, Liv Morgan appeared in a backstage interview with Rusev to accept the challenge. Morgan claimed that she is the 'living embodiment of Lana's karma and that karma is a b---h' to send a message to the Ravishing Russian.

Alongside this, WWE has officially announced Paul Heyman and WWE Champion Brock Lesnar for next Monday's RAW episode. This would be a rare occasion where The Beast Incarnate will make three back to back appearances on the flagship show. As noted earlier, Lesnar will be entering the 30-Man Royal Rumble Match in the number one spot with the will of conquering 29 other participants.

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