Giloy Can Help Boost Your Immunity to Fight COVID-19: Here's How to Grow The Ayurvedic Herb at Home!

Tania Tarafdar

Building a strong immunity is essential now more than ever during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Indian Government has been stressing on Ayurveda to boost your immunity. The Ayurvedic Department has taken the initiative of 'Har Ghar Giloy' where people can now contact the municipal corporation to plant giloy in their homes. Also, known as the Heart-leaved moonseed or Gaduchi, giloy is a traditional ancient herb with a plethora of medicinal properties. Here's how it can help in the fight against COVID-19. 

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Giloy As an Immune-Boosting Herb

Giloy has several antioxidants which help flush out toxins from your kidney by chucking the free radicals out of your body. Studies have shown that the herb improves the ability of the macrophage cells in the immune system to destroy harmful, disease-causing microorganisms. Plus, giloy is anti-pyretic and can help you to increase your blood platelets and tackle fever. Just have giloy and honey to combat fever. Coronavirus Vaccine Update: From Ayurveda to Remdesivir And More, Here's What Progress India, US, China And Other Countries Have Made so Far.

Growing Giloy At Home

You can cultivate giloy by the stem cutting method. The herb propagates very fast, and even a small stem turns into a fully-fledged climber in a couple of years. You can either use the stems pr buy seeds from an Ayurvedic store. Soak the in cold water for 24 hours and dig it in soil. You would need to water the plant regularly for more vibrant growth. What Is AYUSH KWATH Recipe? Here Are the Ayurveda Ingredients to Boost Your Immunity Amid the Pandemic.

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Ways to Consume Giloy

You can use the giloy leaves in many ways. You can simply juice aloe vera and giloy, add in some honey and drink it first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Alternatively, you can also dilute some giloy juice in water and have it in the morning. A decoction of giloy and neem leaves can also help fight fevers. A mixture of turmeric and giloy can also help relieve cough.  Maharashtra Approves Formation of AYUSH Task Force for Ayurvedic Treatment to Improve Immunity Against COVID-19.

The benefits of giloy are plenty. So even if you plant a seed today, you will reap the benefits life-long!