Gigi Hadid Reminds Us Donald Trump was a 'Sore Loser' Even before Losing US Elections

Buzz Staff
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Although Donald Trump is yet to accept his defeat in the US Presidential elections 2020, the world, especially Americans already recognize him as a 'sore loser'. Following his lopsided defeat against President-elect Joe Biden, things haven't been going too well for Trump with almost vast majority of Americans coming out against him.

In another recent event that substantiates the claims towards Trump for what he is: 'a loser', supermodel Gigi Hadid said how her father defeated Trump way before defeating him sort of became a trend.

Taking to social media, Hadid shared an Instagram post by her half-sister Alana Hadid, who had said, "@JOE BIDEN WASN’T THE FIRST TO DEFEAT DONALD TRUMP. @MOHAMEDHADID DID IT OVER 30 YEARS AGO @ASPENTIMES", reports indy100.

Gigi also added, "BAHAHHAAAAA WORD. & @lanzybear let's not forget it's also not the first time Trump's been a sore loser (and a racist) as he then placed a cartoon in the paper of our dad leaving town on a camel."

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The Aspen Times news report is from 2016, which talks about how Gigi's father Mohamed Hadid "beat Donald Trump to the punch and acquired 88 acres of prime downtown Aspen real estate in 1986".

The snippet of the report was also shared by Mohamed Hadid, who said, "Well 30 something years later. Read On ...on the second page/photo..."

Although Trump has used his vast wealth a way to gain trust of voters multiple times, this isn't the first time the soon to be ex-President has failed miserably at his business ventures.

In 1988, Trump had launched the Trump Shuttle, an airline which ultimately couldn't survive the business. Two years later he had to shut it down and surrender to his creditors, reports Rolling Stone.

Trump even went on to launch Trump: The Game, which just sold 8,00,000 copies. However, when it went out of the market, trump had claimed that the game was "too complicated".

Given the rigid and stubborn person that he is, Trump never gave up and went on to undertake various other ventures in the past — Trump magazine, Trump Beverage, Trump Mortgage, Trump Tower Tampa etc — but all efforts down the gutter.

Losers are, in Trump's view, undeserving of respect, admiration, and affection. "We love winners," he famously observed about America in 2018. "We love winners. Winners are winners." Which means that now he is a loser, and, by definition, not so much loved.