Gigi Hadid just shared an ingenious lip-plumping make-up trick

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Supermodel Gigi Hadid has kept a fairly low profile throughout lockdown, following the announcement that she's pregnant with her first child.

Her sister Bella, however, has been busy on social media cutting her own fringe and temporarily changing her hair colour (joining Alexa Chung and many others in their attempts at DIY hairdressing).

But Gigi made an Instagram comeback last night via a live video with Maybelline global make-up artist Erin Parsons. The pair carried out a natural-glam make-up tutorial, bringing together elements of looks the pair have worked on together in the past.

Throughout the tutorial, Hadid shared some skincare and make-up tips of her own, giving an insight into how she achieves her glowing complexion and full lips (and, did you know she's evangelical about putting foundation on her ears?).

Towards the end of the tutorial, as she begins the lip part of her routine, Hadid talks her make-up artist through one of her own go-to hacks for fuller-looking lips.

The trick? Use two different lip liners

Here's how she does it:

  1. After using this lip balm, she outlines the whole lip area with a pale, 'your-lips-but-better' shade, to add general definition and fullness.
  2. She then blots out the liner by rubbing together her lips, creating an optical illusion by blurring the actual outline of her lip area.
  3. Next, she takes a mauve coloured liner and contours her lips from the outer corners down to the centre of her lower lip. Crucially, she leaves a small empty space in the centre, creating a highlight which allows the centre of her lips to look fuller.
  4. She then blots the entire line once more with a finger.

Note: this trick translates beautifully onto Zoom calls because the forgiving lenses and bright lights blur the outlines of our features.

Hadid uses Maybelline's Colourshow liners in shades Nude Whisper and Magnetic Mauve, but to properly emulate this look for yourself, it's best to pick a shade closely matched to your natural own lip colour for step one, and then around two shades darker (and with matching undertones) for the contour.

You can see the trick in full from one hour four minutes into the video, below:

Another reason we love this trick is because, even without the completion of a lipstick or gloss, it creates dimension in the lip area. Consider it the ultimate 'no make-up' make-up.

Hadid, however, finishes look with a lipstick - specifically this one:

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