Giant huntsman spider along with hundreds of spiderlings spotted by pest controller!

Nupur Jha
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A huge huntsman spider, which is also called giant crab spider, was spotted along with hundreds of its babies by a pest controller in Queensland, Australia.

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The pest controller, Noel Parminter, was inspecting a house when he saw the enormous huntsman spider and its spiderlings, which he described as "an interesting find," the Huffington Post reports.

Parminter got close to the spider nest and didn't show any signs of being afraid or scared. He even blew them a kiss, he revealed on social media. "I was able to get in close and blew them a kiss," he posted on Facebook.

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Though this creepy-crawler looks extremely horrifying and dangerous, it doesn't really harm humans. It can bite at times, but it's not that poisonous. The scary-looking creature actually aids people by acting as a natural pest controller.

A video of this instance was uploaded on the official page of Auswise Pest Control on Facebook on March 10, which garnered over 78,000 views just in three days' span.

"While doing a termite inspection today, I came across this especially large Grey Huntsman spider (Holconia immanis) keeping her watchful eyes on a recently hatched egg case with the hatchlings staying close by," stated the description of the video.

You could check the video of the giant huntsman spider and its spiderlings right here:

Facebook/ Auswise Pest Control

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