Giant Gold 'Good Boi'! Turkmenistan President Unveils Massive Statue of His Favourite Dog Breed Alabai, Viral Video Sets 'Tongues Wagging'

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What would you do for your favourite dog? Buy treats, pamper him all day, play with ball, or erect a giant statue of gold? The Turkmenistan President has done the latter because, why not? The President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov unveiled a massive statue of his favourite dog breed Alabai in the country's capital city of Ashgabat. A video of this unveiling has sent tongues wagging on social media (pun intended). Dog lovers are loving this big gold 'Good Boi' who is now on a busy traffic circle in the capital. People from all over are sharing the videos with funny captions. Earlier, the news of US President Joe Biden bringing in his dogs in White House had made people happy.

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Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov has used a Alabai dog, a shepher breed to encourage a sense of national pride. This breed has been listed as a national heritage in the country. The statue is about 19-feet and installed as a centerpiece of a residential area designed for civil servants in the capital. The statue is installed on a pedestal which has a screen that plays video of Alabai dogs in action. Berdymukhamedov is so fond of this dog breed that he has even written a book on them. PM Modi Stresses on Adopting Indian Dog Breeds in Mann Ki Baat; From Pariah to Bully Kutta, Know 5 Indie Breeds That One Can Get as Pets.

Watch Video of the Dog Statue Unveiling:

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The video of the unveiling are going viral on Twitter as people have some funniest reactions and appreciations. Check tweets below:
Here's The Video:

Check Reactions:
Dad Energy

What's The Point?

Good Bois Deserve Statues

Every Country Needs One

Nothing Weird!

Perfect Statue Exists...

Clearly, people are impressed by the 'dictator's' actions this time. This is not the first time, the president has gone over-the-top with his tactics. Last year, he made a TV appearance to defy his death rumours. In 2015, he had installed a statue of himself sitting on a horse, which is also coated in gold. To extend his love for the dog breed, in the year 2017, he gifted an Alabai puppy to Russian President Putin!

What Are Alabai Dogs?
Alabai are Central Asian Shepherd Dog is an ancient livestock guardian dog breed. Alabai dogs are large, stock breed known for their guarding skills. This breed is an expert in guarding sheep and goats along with guarding homes. They are also used in dog fights because of their prowess. This breed presents a robust dog, are greater than average size with great strength and power. They are independent, curious and alert.