Ghost Caught on CCTV Camera? Video of Wheelchair Moving On Its Own in Chandigarh Hospital Is Freaking People Out on the Internet! (Watch Viral Video)

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It is fall, and so is Halloween around the corner. Ahead of the spookiest festival, brace yourself for a ghost story that is haunting a hospital in Chandigarh, India. The staff at Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research were in for a frightening tale when the CCTV cameras positioned outside the hospital captured a wheelchair moving on its own. It was wheeling around with no one sitting on the chair. The security guard, who witnessed the incident stressed that it could be the wind that has allowed the chair to move on its own. But people on the internet are freaking out looking at the viral video which is surfacing on social media platforms. Ghost Caught on Camera With Its Pet! NY Couple See Spooky Shadows in Their Home. 

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After the incident went viral, Manoj Kumar was interviewed by Newsflare to explain details of the strange occurrence. He was quoted saying, “I came out to drink water and I saw the wheelchair moving on its own.” The CCTV footage shows the wheelchair darting from a cluster of stationary chairs and then down one of the hospital’s ramps. You can see Kumar who stepped out through the automatic doors and was shocked to see that the wheelchair kept on rolling. “It was just wind and nothing else,” Kumar added. Haunted House! Ghost Seen on Camera Inside Michigan Couple's Home. 

Watch the Viral Video:

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But if you watch the video closely, the wheelchair appears to have a mind of its own as it even makes a few turns and pauses. You can even see some of the shrubs’ leaves rustling in the wind. Kumar further said, “I was also feeling very cold.” Did you get that? Ghost hunters often believe that cold spots signify the presence of supernatural. Besides, a lot of haunting tales from Hospitals have often horrified us to the core. Whether the wheelchair was moving on its own or it was just the wind, the video gives an eerie start to the spooky season.