Ghaziabad Man Shot Dead by Drunk Nephew for Stopping him From Thrashing Wife, Son

New Delhi: A 63-year-old man was allegedly shot by his nephew for stopping the latter from beating his wife and 8-year-old son in Ghaziabad. The police arrested Dinesh Diwakar, 32, on Saturday for killing his uncle, Satish Chandra who had intervened in order to stop an inebriated Dinesh from hitting his wife.

An alcoholic, Dinesh often thrashed his wife when in a druken state, the police said. Chandra, a retired Indian Railways employee, lived nearby and had come to Dinesh's house on being informed by the neighbours.

According to his son, Ashwani Diwakar, Chandra had returned from a walk after dinner around 10 pm on Friday, when the neighbours reported the assault to him.

On entering Dinesh's house, he saw his nephew beating his wife with belt and slipper for allegedly refusing to give him money to purchase liquor.

"As my father could not stop Dinesh, he slapped him. Dinesh went inside his room, only to come out within seconds with a pistol. Before anyone could react, he shot my father," TOI quoted him as saying.

Chandra was rushed to a nearby hospital where he succumed to injuries during the treatment.

"An FIR was registered under Section 302 (murder) of IPC and Dinesh has been arrested. He was oroduced in court and sent to jail. The pistol has also been recovered," Umesh Bahadur Singh, SHO of Sihani Gate police station told TOI.