Ghaziabad deaths: Writing on wall leads to relative’s arrest for ‘abetment’

Amil Bhatnagar
Ghaziabad deaths, Ghaziabad family suicide, Gulshan Vasudeva, indirapuram suicide, delhi city news
Ghaziabad deaths, Ghaziabad family suicide, Gulshan Vasudeva, indirapuram suicide, delhi city news

The family with Sanjana (far right)

A day after five deaths rocked a Ghaziabad residential society, a relative of the family has been arrested for alleged abetment, with police saying his name was mentioned in a suicide note left behind on a wall.

On Tuesday morning, Gulshan Vasudeva (45), his wife Parveena (43), and Sanjana (38), who moved in with them around two years ago, jumped to their death from their eighth-floor apartment at Krishna Apra Sapphire residential complex, between 4.30 and 5 am. The couple's children Rithik (13) and Kritika (18) were found dead in their beds, with police suspecting Gulshan smothered and stabbed them in their sleep.

In a note scribbled on the wall, Gulshan named Parveena's relative Rakesh Verma, who he claimed had duped him in 2015. "After questioning several family members, it was found that Rakesh made Gulshan invest roughly Rs 1.5 crore in a property with the promise of high returns. But only a part of the money was returned, and Gulshan eventually owed several people a large sum. This allegedly drove him to depression,” said Sudhir Kumar Singh, SSP, Ghaziabad.

Police said Rakesh, a property dealer, allegedly got Gulshan to register the property in the name of a friend. The 200-square metre plot was fraudulently transferred to a third person, and Rakesh allegedly stood to benefit from the deal, police said.

Businessmen in Gandhi Nagar's Guru Nanak lane, where Gulshan ran a jeans manufacturing and retail business out of a four-storey property, suspected there was another, more immediate reason for his problems: Six months ago, he started business with a Kolkata-based firm.

According to them, Gulshan was excited about the prospect of exporting material worth lakhs, and the firm promised to make payments within 90 days. Slowly, the payments began piling up.

Arun Bhatia, a businessman and Gulshan's friend, said: “He gave them goods worth Rs 90 lakh, expecting returns in time. But the payments were delayed. During Eid, the labourers demanded money and wages and he had to borrow to pay them as well. The financial transactions with that firm had a far-reaching impact on him since he didn't have money for daily operations."

In September, Gulshan requested Bhatia to purchase 100 pieces worth Rs 35,000 from him since he needed cash. Later, Gulshan again asked if Bhatia could purchase 3,000 more pieces. "Due to slowdown, it was impossible for me to raise so much cash," said Bhatia.

According to police, on Monday evening, Gulshan is believed to have received more bad news from the Kolkata-based firm. After allegedly killing his children early, Gulshan made a video call to Ramesh Arora, his neighbour and friend. “He made a video call at 3.38 am and showed me his dead children. He kept saying everything was over and mentioned the message from the firm. Even earlier he would tell me he was in debt, and I would tell him everything would be okay. During the call, I asked him to calm down but he hung up. I then called his brother, but it was too late,” Arora said.