Getting assurances from Centre, Delhi govt over oxygen supply: Ganga Ram Hospital Chairman

New Delhi, Apr 21 (ANI): Amid reports of shortage of medical oxygen in the city's hospitals owing to the massive spike in coronavirus infections, Dr DS Rana, Chairman of Sir Ganga Ram Hospital in Delhi said that the hospital is getting assurances from both the Centre and Delhi government on oxygen supply and hopefully it will get 5000 cubic metres of oxygen tonight. “There is a steep rise in COVID-19 cases now. As a result, there is a huge difference between the supply and demand of medical oxygen. The plants have got a limited capacity to produce oxygen. Because of steep in cases, the requirement of oxygen has gone up almost three times now,” Dr Rana told ANI. “There is an acute shortage of oxygen in our hospital, we need a minimum of 5000 cubic metres of oxygen tonight to keep patients alive,” the doctor said.“We require 9000-10,000 cubic meters of oxygen every day in this hospital. We have more than 500 COVID beds in the hospital. We are getting assurances from both the Centre and State govt on oxygen supply,” Dr DS Rana further added. Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia, on April 20, informed that in many hospitals in Delhi, medical oxygen is available for 8-10 next hours only.