GetPayment: The Merchant Solution That Will Grow Your Business

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Finding a merchant solution can be challenging. It’s hard to find a payment processor that not only provides quick and efficient money processing and deposits, but also has great customer service that has your back during setup and doesn’t leave you high and dry when any problem may arise. That’s why GetPayment was founded. They got their start 14 years ago as a software business that has evolved into a fully fledged ecommerce business and CRM. Their experience in the industry made them realize there was a need for an all-inclusive payment processor that put their customers first. GetPayment is a best in class service for merchant services and consultancy that leverages their experience navigating the payments and risk space for the likes of tier one companies like Costco and Amazon, as well as their own start up businesses. They built their business on honesty and integrity and it’s apparent as soon as you sign up for their services.

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Unlike other merchant solutions, GetPayment ensures that you never have to worry about business deposits getting frozen or confiscated. They set you up for success with a dedicated merchant account the moment you start working with them. Their team then works around the clock to make sure your deposits keep flowing as you keep growing.

Focus On Growth

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GetPayment provides solid, stable merchant accounts without the risk of the merchant being shut down.

As a business owner you shouldn’t have to worry about when your funds are coming in, or if they’re going to be frozen. You could have hundreds of thousands of dollars held up for months leaving you unable to properly function as a business. You need cash flow for your business whether it’s to buy inventory, pay yourself and employees, reinvest in your company, pay for marketing, or whatever other expenses you have.

GetPayment takes away that stress by managing your relationship with the bank to alleviate any problem or issues. They are there for you every step of the way making sure that no corner is cut. With GetPayment you have a dedicated merchant account ensuring seamless money flow. By doing this, they helped a supplement business scale from $10,000 a month to $2 million a month. GetPayment was there with the merchant through compliance and payment processing issues so they became “show time ready “ for banks to be accepted for processing.

They also provide next-day funding so you can continue to function at a high-level and never have to worry about when your money will be deposited.

Chargeback Issues Solved

GetPayment has a fully integrated CRM platform that’s focused on helping retailers sell more online with a holistic view of all shopping channels like Amazon, eBay, Shopify, and more. This has allowed them to rescue numerous businesses from chargeback and risk issues, and provide them with a stable and scalable processing solution.

As part of combatting chargeback issues, they have a chargeback alert that gives you the opportunity to avoid and resolve transaction disputes before they become chargebacks. This will allow you to save money due to chargeback fees, protect the reputation of your merchant account, and overall improve your business.

GetPayment helped Hue Hearing, a merchant with chargeback issues, stabilize themselves and grow from $10k to $1 million a month by implementing fraud tools, chargeback alerts, and also by negotiating better payment processing contracts.

Your business could be missing out on hundreds of thousands, or even millions of dollars in revenue due to these same issues. Using GetPayment provides you with peace of mind so you can focus on running your business. You should never have to worry about when your hard-earned money will hit your account, or that you don’t have someone on your team there for you to answer any questions or help you through any problems. GetPayment is one of the only merchant solutions that has your back and will consult you through it all.

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