‘A+ gesture’: Student earns praise for offering bonus points to someone in need

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The high school teacher was touched by the sweet gesture by the student. (Winston Lee/ Facebook)

A student in the US state of Kentucky is being praised for a unique gesture in which he requested his teacher to give his bonus points in an exam to whoever scored the lowest. The gesture came to light after the student's history teacher shared a photo of the exam sheet on Facebook.

Stating that this was something he'd never seen before, Letcher County Central High School history teacher Winston Lee shared a photo of the paper. The student, who scored 94 on the exam, had written at the bottom of the answer sheet: “If you could, can you give my bonus points to whoever scores the lowest?”

"He didn’t care if he considered them a friend, didn’t care if they were cool, didn’t matter to him what situation had caused them to score lower, he just wanted to help, be kind, commit a loving act," the teacher said, adding that a bonus point would have bumped his score to 99.

"This note gave me so much hope. Let us all be a little more like this young man!!" the teacher said in the post.

While many praised the student, there was some criticism as well. Here are some reactions to the post:

"Most honor students cling to every point possible! How can he be willing to give up his earning?!" the teacher wrote in a blog post, adding that many students in the school come from low income households and often face difficult circumstances, but they “never cease to amaze.” Touched by the class XII student's gesture, the teacher wrote, "Oddly enough, I was the one taught a lesson that day."

As the story went viral, Lee told Good Morning America that he did end up rewarding the extra points to the lowest scoring student, which helped the student pass. Although Lee did not reveal the generous student’s identity, he did disclose that the bonus points went to a female classmate who was grateful, but doesn't know who gave her the bonus points.